Friday, September 13, 2013

far more {linda's story}

so i got this text from my friend linda last week...
i shared some of linda's story with you last year.  it was one of my most popular posts ever.  if you go take a look i think you'll see why.

linda's dream of being a mommy has been sitting on the shelf of her heart for years.  

maybe you are living with that same sense of loss.  
it seems strange to feel loss over something you haven't even had, but that's really what it is, isn't it?  
the grief involved in losing the life you expected to have taken hold of by now...and yet it is still outside of your grasp.

whether it's a career or a spouse or a home or a kicked habit...or a child...
there is something deeper than disappointment that seeps down into your bones when the life you are living appears to be lacking some fundamental piece of the life you expected.

today linda found out that she leaves in less than 2 weeks to travel to the czech republic.
the fact that linda has been approved to adopt a child is evidence of God's faithfulness.
the fact that on their 10th wedding anniversary she and her husband, robert, will meet their daughter for the very first time, is evidence of God's abundant, lavish love.
after all the waiting the time has come.
the box on the shelf that has kept this dream tucked carefully inside is about to burst open with life and light in the heart of my friend.

i have been claiming this truth alongside linda...

God is always able.
He was able to give linda a baby by her own womb.  He didn't.
He was able to give linda a baby through IVF.  He didn't.
linda could have stopped there.  she didn't.

she kept believing and kept hoping and kept trusting that the God who set this dream in her heart would carry it through to completion.
and He did.

after all the waiting i was struck by linda's response.  she didn't say - finally, God!
she said this...
i am flipping out!
i've been crying tears of joy all morning, overwhelmed by God's grace and blessing...more than i could ask or imagine!  i can not wait to show her to the world - my daughter.  the family that God has built.  i know you know exactly what that feels like!

and i do.  adoption is part of my story too.
like linda, the establishment of my family didn't look exactly the way i thought it would.
in the was far more.

if today you find yourself waiting, find yourself grieving for the life you can't quite take hold of...hold on.
believe with all of your heart that there is far more awaiting you.
and when it finds what linda has done.

give Him the glory.

and our families, our lives, will be a living symbol of the love and faithfulness of our God.