Friday, September 6, 2013

how to get your fight back

earlier this week i wrote a raw unedited post that i wasn't sure i should publish.

i'm glad i did.

judging from the amount of texts, emails, and comments i received...that post resonated with many of you.  that tells me something...two things actually.

#1 - we are not alone in our struggles {thank you, jesus}.

and #2 - you all probably need encouragement and inspiration as much as i do.

 if you've been around here long you know i'm a word geek and i love learning and researching and being instructed on new things.  but lately i've had something impressing itself heavy on me...

sometimes we need inspiration more than we need instruction.

sometimes we have to put down the 'how to' books and stop asking for advice and step away from our internet help searches and our hands and hearts to that which will inspire us.

maybe you already know enough.
maybe instead of looking all around for more information, you need to turn your search inward for that passion lying dormant in the deepest part of you.

maybe today is the day to take all you know {and don't know}, all that you've experienced {good and bad}, all of your dreams {realized and unfulfilled} and all of your gifts {even if they're not perfected} and just
do something.

this world has been making me weary.  i started writing a post about that last week.  i began pouring out all the things that have been bringing me down - friends experiencing miscarriages, young girls finding abortion as their only option, the nightmare happening in syria, my husband's trip to japan threatened by escalating radiation levels, my friends battling cancer, families being broken apart, my own daily failures...  

that post still sits incomplete because i don't have an answer for it all.
i don't have a happy ending to tag onto it...

...but today
i had breakfast with a friend
and turned up the music in my car a little louder
and did a little more 'reading for fun'
and sat outside under an umbrella to write
and let my kids remind me how to play
and lingered over dinner conversation with my husband.

and today i'm asking a new question.

how do you want me to live, God, in this broken world full of darkness?

how do i step into places full of sorrow and heartbreak and evil while still maintaining a spirit of joy and peace?
i don't want to run away from this world but i can't let it destroy me either...
so how do we live in this world...
this world that we were warned would be full of tribulation
this world that is not to be condemned but saved.

a whisper of an answer has been guiding me, saying...
there is something precious buried deep inside of you - so as not to be lodged out by the wild winds of this world.  
maybe the drudgery of life has made you forget or maybe you never knew it existed in the first place.
either way - you must recover it.
like every good hero you'll have to fight for the good to prevail over the evil.
it won't come without risk.
it won't come without cost.
but within you is every weapon needed to wage war.
within you is light.
for it to push back the most darkness it needs to be your relationships, in your work, in your play, in every choice that you make.

so i won't run away from the hurt and heartache of this world...
but i also won't let them drag me down.
instead of allowing complacency or frustration or anger or sorrow or just the general busyness of life to keep me on the sidelines i will step back onto the field...back into battle...
because someone's got to get busy shining that light.

you and i...we could do that.

with a baby on your hip or a bluetooth in your ear.
with a minivan full of kids to be carpooled or a field full of corn to be harvested.
we don't have to wait for the rest of our lives to be in order before we do something great...something inspired.
we can all find victory in everyday battles...right where we are...right now.

so as this week comes to an end may i make a few suggestions that might inspire you to something greater than your eyes can see?

:: go watch a movie or read a book with a good hero ::
if you're into movies maybe lord of the rings or braveheart or even how to train your dragon {one of my family's personal favorites}.

and for the know i am totally fired up by the divergent series i'm reading.  and i could give you dozens more...the help, tuesdays with morrie, to kill a mockingbird, kisses from katie, the narnia series {i'm going to force myself to stop here}.

as you read or watch, remember that you were created for that kind of greatness too.  i'm serious - you may not ride on the backs of dragons or use a magic wand or knock out the bad guys with your roundhouse kick, but
you've got fight in you.
and you were uniquely designed to save some part of this world in your own special way.

:: create something ::
try out your kids' watercolors or take a turn with their sidewalk chalk.  draw a picture, write a poem...and don't critique it...just do it.

:: check out some ted talks ::
this is endless inspiration.  a few to get you started...
sarah kay
ken robinson
elizabeth gilbert
brene brown

:: get outside and find beauty ::

:: turn up the volume on your favorite song ::
go listen to this song by katy perry and dance around your house and know that i dedicate it to you.
and definitely this one by mandisa that was just featured on good morning america.

it's really true...the great overcomer wants to make one out of you too...i promise.  

let's keep inspiring each other.  would you share the things that put the fight back in you?