Sunday, September 29, 2013

what i learned in september

next week my 31 days begins...that's a lot of writing.

so let's keep this post short and sweet, shall we?  
1 :: i need to set some goals.
goals for myself.  
goals for my family.  
life has been full of opportunity lately but 
opportunity can lead to overcommitment.  
i am a chronic over-commiter.  i've sensed a need to revisit my purpose in life so that i will know when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no'.  i have a feeling i may be sharing this with you as it develops...stay tuned.

2 :: 9 times out of 10 when i try to type 'things' in a text i miss the 'n' and autocorrect changes it to 'thugs'.  this is why i recently sent a text to someone saying - 
i have a few thugs i need to take care of.

3 :: having kids 17 months apart is pretty awesome.
don't get me wrong...having a newborn and a 17 month old was flat out crazy.  for almost 2 years my husband and i would regularly look at each other with the 'what have we done?!' look. 5 and almost 4 my kids are best friends.
when lucy and i left for haiti this summer oliver cried not because he was going to miss me but because he couldn't imagine being without his sister for four days.  
i always dreamed there would come a day when the two of them could go off and play together for hours so i could get some things accomplished.  now i can't get anything accomplished because i find myself eavesdropping on their completely precious conversations and play scenarios in the next room.  it's usually some variation on a transformer saving a princess and typically there are dragons involved.  

4 :: i am a sucker for a good story.
i've always loved stories but this month i have realized that stories really are my thing.  in them i find truth and beauty spoken a million different ways.  the ones i featured this month about kasey and linda...and my lucy...are some of my favorites.  this little learning will directly influence my 31 days topic this year.  come back tuesday to find out more...i can't wait!!

5 :: and finally...i am blind to so much of the beauty and wonder around me.  
this month the kids and i watched disneynature's wings of life and we were mesmerized.    if you have netflix you can watch the entire movie is truly magical.  here's a sneak peek.

what did you learn this month?  link up with us over at emily's place.