Monday, October 28, 2013

held by your hands

This whirlwind week has left me with many words to share and not enough energy to share them.
For now I am pushing aside the dirty dishes left on the table and ignoring the piles and crumbs that surround me to say this one thing that can't wait any longer...

thank you

It's a meager offering but I hope you'll know it comes from a heart that is completely overflowing with gratitude.

As the world seemed to crumble around me, the hands pressed into me on every side have kept me from breaking apart too.  
When you are adjusting to a new life in which you 
inject drugs into your daughter's arm five times a day 
and prick her little fingers before every meal 
and set an alarm to wake and check 2am blood sugar levels
and count carbs to calculate insulin dosage {did I mention I am NOT a math person!}
and juggle the emotions of a 5 year old with a lifelong illness and a 3 year old who is getting less than his fair share of attention...

when this happens...
you are desperate for someone to come alongside you and hold your hand and remind you that it will be alright.

There have been countless hands that have come in the form of
texts and
emails and
phone calls and
FB messages and
meals and
balloons and
gifts and
caring for my kids and
tight hugs and
shared tears and 
fervent prayers and 
words of truth.

And my family has been upheld because of you.

In their war against the Amalekites the nation of Israel was guaranteed victory only if Moses remained with his hands raised in the air holding the staff of God.  When his hands fell his people began to lose the battle to their enemy.  
Holding up a nation is hard work.  
Holding up a family is hard work too.  
At some point fatigue sets in and you grow weary and it becomes more than one person can bear.  Moses reached that point and in that moment he felt hands pressing into him...

With your own hands, and in your own ways, you have steadied me.
From the rising to the setting of the sun...and all the dark hours in have not left me alone with my weary arms struggling.  Instead you have come alongside me to hold them up...raised to the God I love...the God who brings victory in every battle.

This victory belongs not just to my family...
it is your victory too.

thank you