Sunday, October 13, 2013

the gift you can open any day of the year

So I met this man right as I was about to leave Harris Teeter and we wound up talking for almost 2 hours! You are not going to believe his story...

My sister shook her head and smiled...
  how does that always happen to you?
I'm sure she was thinking back to the time I sat next to that guy on the subway who was
a chef on his way to a job interview
and was super nervous
and had just moved to NYC with his girlfriend
and didn't yet know his way around
and was hoping he didn't get lost
and, by the way, he went to the same culinary school as our cool is that?

I collected all of that information over the course of 3 stops on the yellow line.

I'm a story collector.

I connect with people through their stories.
I learn from them.
I empathize with them.
and when the time is right I often open up the pages of my own life to share.

Every person carries the gift of their story wrapped up inside of them until someone carefully tugs at the bow to unwrap it.

When we begin to see people as a gift our daily interactions become
less coincidence
less inconvenience

and more like a mini celebration of life at every turn.

I hope you have the chance to unwrap some stories this week...and receive them as the gifts they are.