Wednesday, November 27, 2013

all you need for a bright and beautiful thanksgiving

Tonight we danced by the tree.
I don't like to rush this week of thanks but we were all ready for the twinkling lights.  

The kids spent the afternoon examining each ornament and placing them in just the right spot.  Even the handmade ones with crumpled edges and holes and cracks...especially those...were lovingly hung. 

Since both kids are less than 4 feet tall you can imagine what the finished product looks like.  I managed to get a few shiny things placed up top but I didn't have the heart to move theirs around for the sake of an evenly-ornamented tree.  

Tonight when we turned off every light in the house the glowing tree looked perfect.  
Oliver stared as a soft grin stretched across his face - What do you 'fink' mommy? Isn't it beautiful?
Even when things are messy and uneven and have holes poked clear through them, the right light has a way of making it all beautiful.  So we take what we've been given and hold it in our hands like a treasure and find the perfect spot to put it on display.  We take extra time and care with the broken and battered pieces because we know they have a story to tell.  As difficult as it may be to look at them in their imperfect form we begin to see them as perhaps the most important part.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


'Are you a blogger too?,' he said.

'Yes,' I replied with a grin.

'I thought so.  You seem like the kind of person who has something to say.'

I laughed at his comment knowing that my husband would get a kick out of it.
He knows better than anyone how I just can't seem to keep the words from spilling out.
And so the conversation continued between me and the couple I was seated with at The Barn.  It was one of my favorite parts of the day.
And it wasn't because they just sat there and listened to all of my fumbling words and stories.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

having your dreams handed back to you

Two months ago I was so disappointed.
There was this event I really wanted to attend.  I even set a reminder on my calendar to buy tickets the day they went on sale.  I never do that.  But this event seemed important for me.

Then...something super weird happened.  The day I was expecting to receive an email about how to purchase advance tickets one of my email accounts stopped syncing up to my phone.  I was out all day and didn't realize what had happened until I got home and got on-line and found out the tickets were all gone.
Sold out.

I was so disappointed, 
but then...

Monday, November 18, 2013

one conversation that could move you from fear to freedom

You don't really know me.

I remember saying those exact words to my husband when we first began dating.
Every time he would pay me a compliment...
Every time he would talk about how much he enjoyed being with me...
Every time he brought up the possibility of us making a long-term commitment to each other...

I said those words aloud...

You don't really know me

...and the unspoken ones in my heart...

Because if you did you wouldn't really love me.

Statements like these are evidence of something deadly that has taken up residence deep inside your heart.  They are evidence that your mind has been tricked into believing a lie about who you are and how little you are worth.  These statements reveal the painful power of...

Friday, November 15, 2013

when you are slowly dying inside

I am guessing you may be as tired of hearing about the big 'D' as we are of talking about it.
{BTW - if you haven't been around here lately I'm not referring to 'Dallas' or 'Divorce' but to the Diabetes Diagnosis}

This new life we are living still doesn't feel completely familiar to me, but it is slowly becoming who we are by day.  So let's move forward together, shall we?
This morning, for the first time in weeks, I tiptoed downstairs before the rest of the family woke and did something besides searching the internet for low-carb recipes and suggestions for extending honeymoon periods.  I cracked back open the book I started right before our world got flipped upside down.

Within the first paragraph Emily lifted my face up, looked me right in the eyes, and said...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the One who makes me blush

He didn't use a magic wand.
No spells were cast.
Jesus' presence was enough.

And though the power belonged to Him alone...he invited others in.
He invites us in...
  to be part of the miracle.
Just like that faithful servant who carried that pitcher of dirty water to his master {who happened to be expecting wine}, 
  in our simple obedience his glory is is born.

In a moment...a miracle can happen.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the eternal weight we carry together

Last summer I studied and spoke on the amazing story of Esther.

There is a famous line within the story that has resurfaced for me these past two weeks...
   for such a time as this
As we have faced the reality of Lucy's recent diagnosis I have been blown away by all the people and situations that have been put into place for such a time as this.  
There are countless ways that a strong support system was being built up underneath us long before we knew we would ever need one.

One such strong place is my friend Mary.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

the one who takes his time

My brother said he was taking his sweet time when they were collecting eggs the other day.
He always takes his sweet time.
He reminds me that time really can be sweet if i don't hurry it into something bitter.
With each egg he picked up there was examining to be done.
  Hurry up, Oliver.  We've got more to do.

And still his pace continued.

Finally, in a tone that only Uncle Robert could get away with, he asked...
  Boy, do you even know what 'hurry up' means?!