Monday, November 18, 2013

one conversation that could move you from fear to freedom

You don't really know me.

I remember saying those exact words to my husband when we first began dating.
Every time he would pay me a compliment...
Every time he would talk about how much he enjoyed being with me...
Every time he brought up the possibility of us making a long-term commitment to each other...

I said those words aloud...

You don't really know me

...and the unspoken ones in my heart...

Because if you did you wouldn't really love me.

Statements like these are evidence of something deadly that has taken up residence deep inside your heart.  They are evidence that your mind has been tricked into believing a lie about who you are and how little you are worth.  These statements reveal the painful power of...


There is a story of a women who spent her entire life believing that the worst thing that could happen to her was to be completely known by someone else.
She avoided people.
She acted defensive.
She tried to deflect any conversation that had to do with her true identity.
Then one day she met a man who wasn't like everyone else.  Her usual tactics didn't work on him.  In fact, in Him she found that her great fear - being known - became her great freedom.

Shame had kept the woman at the well bound up like a prisoner for years and in one conversation Jesus  broke every chain that held her down.

He did the same for me.  He does the same for you.

Jesus makes being fully known something that brings freedom...not fear.

The worst thing that could happen actually becomes the best.

And once this newfound freedom softens your hard heart and brings all the dead places back to life you can't possibly keep it to yourself.  Like the woman at the well, we are compelled to tell the story of the man who knows every single thing we ever did and still loved and accepted us completely.

When we are known completely, we can be loved completely.
When we are loved completely, we can love completely.

Whether one person or a dozen people have told you that you are unworthy it's time to stop believing the lies.  This world may have piled shame on you but Jesus came to do something new...something different than the world had ever known.

He came to turn your fears into freedom...
to bring you out of your dark hiding places and into the light.

What shackles of shame are binding up your heart today?
Isn't it time you had that conversation with Jesus too?  He's waiting right there beside the wellspring of your heart.

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