Thursday, November 7, 2013

the eternal weight we carry together

Last summer I studied and spoke on the amazing story of Esther.

There is a famous line within the story that has resurfaced for me these past two weeks...
   for such a time as this
As we have faced the reality of Lucy's recent diagnosis I have been blown away by all the people and situations that have been put into place for such a time as this.  
There are countless ways that a strong support system was being built up underneath us long before we knew we would ever need one.

One such strong place is my friend Mary.  

The two of us sat on a playground bench the day before I received the official diagnosis.  We watched the kids play and I spoke aloud for the first time my concerns about some of Lucy's symptoms.  At the time I had no idea what could be causing them.  Later that night I put everything together and got some pretty definitive answers from Google.  As the tears of grief began to fall, it was Mary I texted first.  I just knew that we had that conversation earlier in the day for a reason and she was already positioned in my life for this time and this purpose.

Today we sat at her kitchen table and cried more tears over this story.  I thanked her for carrying this weight with me.  She more ways than I can say.  

I type through blurry eyes just remembering how she practically adopted Oliver into her family while we were at the hospital and offered her prayers and support over and over again.  
She made herself available every. single. moment.
My sweet friend has been given a heavy burden for what we are enduring and though I am sorry to see her broken over it I am also grateful that she has not tried to crawl out from under it and run away.  She has stayed hunkered down right beside me through every grueling bit of it.  I know that she sees straight through my flesh to my broken mama heart and somehow...almost supernaturally...she feels it all too.  

It is a gift to have someone who doesn't just see your grief completely, but who wedges her own fingers beneath it and lifts it up so that side by side you can begin moving forward.
I hope you have people in your life like my Mary.  
And I hope when you are raised up for such a time as this for someone else you will be as brave and courageous as my friend has been for me.

It came as no surprise when Mary sent me this video today.  
She knew that watching it would give words to exactly what I have been feeling.  
It may be my anthem for this season.  Maybe for my life.
I hope it will speak life into your heart too...
{make sure you watch it all the way through...there is a powerful message from John Piper at the end}