Sunday, December 22, 2013

the present you can open right now

Creativity is not about me.  It is not about you.  
It is not us somehow acting like little gods, creating on our own the same way God creates.  
The most we can hope for is to respond appropriately and creatively to who God is and what he means.   
Creativity is a response.

It was the first time I ever really saw the sun rise.  

I've seen sunrises but that big ball of fire we orbit is so blinding that our eyes can never really hold it.  Watching most sunrises is really just watching the space around it painted and brightened in indescribable shades.  
It's always beautiful...
but this particular day was different.  

From my chair in the hotel dining room, I watched the actual sun as it crept upward.  

There was a thin veil of fog that hung like a voile curtain between us.  It was just enough protection for my eyes to lock onto that climbing orb completely.  I fixed my gaze and watched it move slowly into position.  As it moved the curtain thinned and my eyes had to shift their focus onto the scene that was being painted all around the light.  Once again, the source of the light itself became more than my eyes could hold.
For a moment I had seen it's edges completely and tracked it's miniscule movements and then suddenly it burst into something more than I could take in.  As my field of vision widened I saw the sky brightening from gray to blue.  I saw the dark shadows on the sand disappear and I saw the waves...oh the waves...

In all their writhing and crashing they turned to gold.  Instead of a splashing pile of water upon water they began gleaming...reflecting...taking the light that was too bright for me to bear and splitting it into millions of tiny glittering pieces and tossing them back for me to hold.  Taking the source of light and turning it into the glow by which I could see everything that surrounded me.

There are moments when it seems I am seeing Jesus face-to-face.  I can see the outline of his being and watch his every movement in my life.  I wish it lasted, but it never does.  At some point my eyes stop holding him.  The veil is pulled down by the reality of this broken world and his brilliance is more than I can bear to look at.  It happens to us all.

Fortunately...I always stumble back onto some reflection of Him.  In your life there is always something to reflect Him.

Some person or some experience or some place takes his radiant light and softens it enough that our eyes catch hold again.  We are drawn back into the luminous beauty of who he is, reflected in this world.  As we position ourselves just so, the beams begin springing off of us too and that same light that was reflected onto us scatters off and out to be spread further into this dark world.
It's Christmas and a perfect gift has been offered.  
It doesn't mean that our lives will be perfect.  
There will be expectations unmet, words unspoken, to-do lists undone...but don't leave that gift unwrapped.

Don't wait until the 25th.  Do it right now.  
What if right here in the middle of frantically 
baking cookies  
battling crowds 
sitting in traffic 
negotiating travel plans 
mourning who or what's been lost
we did this one thing...
we untied the bow and tore the paper clean off of that present...of His presence.  

When the light comes bursting out of that package hold yourself there for a moment...long enough for the curves of your being to turn that light back onto this frantic world.  No matter how much you may be writhing and crashing with the imperfections of life, the Savior of the world wants to blanket you in light and turn you into a beautiful glittering reflection of Him.

Let's morph into morning waves this week, shall we?

This is how we tell them...this is how we show them...
His presence is the the present.
His life reflected in ours.
God with us...Immanuel.

Merry Christmas my fellow reflections of glory.