Monday, January 6, 2014

where you are

I pride myself on not making New Year's resolutions.
But it's a lie.

When January unfolds 365 new days in front of me, I get busy filling them up.
I may not have a spreadsheet
or a list of goals on the fridge
or an accountability group
but you better believe I have an agenda.
Before December even has a chance to make her exit I have already begun thinking about all that could be accomplished in a year...
a whole. entire. year.

I may never declare my plans aloud but my mind fills with the expectations I place on myself for the days of opportunity that lie ahead.

In some wild-eyed delusional state I begin piling my arms full of dreams and ideas and projects.
I don't just resolve to do a few things, I resolve to do everything.
It's heavy carrying all that stuff around, which is why it's not long before every good intention comes tumbling down into a broken heap on the floor.  I'm usually left feeling like a failure before February even takes a breath.

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something.

But 'resolution' is defined another way too...
the smallest interval measurable by a scientific instrument
as in...
the degree of detail visible in a photographic or television image


Doesn't sound quite like the grandiose ideas I had in mind.

I've always said I'm not good with details.
I think it's because I'm always moving too fast and planning too big.
This year I want my resolution to be small and simple because...I want to notice every detail of it.

On Sunday morning my one and only simple resolution came to me.
I stood among family and friends and strangers in the old warehouse we call 'church' and my lips offered these words of worship...
I called, you answered
And you came to my rescue
And I
I want to be where you are.

I closed my eyes and warm streams rolled soft in the knowing...
the knowing that I have been...rescued.
All those times I've called.
He's answered.
And when the colossal truth of that burrows deep into your spirit there is one simple response...

I want to be where you are.

In all that I do this year it will be my objective, my resolve.
I will forget
and I will get lazy
and I will be distracted
but my prayer is that always I will find my way back there...into the presence of my Rescuer.

Over the coming weeks I hope we can explore what that looks like position our lives within His presence.  I think our #firstfridayfinds will have a lot to do with it.

In the meantime, I hope this post gives you permission to hold a small and simple resolution in your hands this that you might measure every glorious detail.

in my life be lifted high
in our world be lifted high
in our love be lifted high

oh...and p.s.
I have begun this year by squashing one of the biggest things between me and my one resolution.  My next post will explain.  Maybe you need to do some squashing too.