Wednesday, February 12, 2014

with the finish line in sight

Have you seen the pictures of the cross country skiers in the Olympics?
Looks like fun, huh?

The girls pictured here just crossed the finish line after skiing 15km.  What?!  I just walked 1 mile in the snow with my kids and can barely move.

My friend Jenn isn't a skier but she's about to cross the finish line too...and she may come flying into Charlotte this weekend and land on her bed looking sorta like those girls in the picture.

It's been over 2 months since she left for Uganda...and over 2 years since it all began.
She's been riding the highs and lows of international adoption on her way to bringing her two girls home.  There have been some steep, slippery slopes.

As her friends, we have stood on the sidelines cheering and praying and biting our nails as she pushes forward toward the finish.  With every mile marker passed we have celebrated.

There have been moments when she must have felt like the winds of this crazy process were blowing so hard in her face that she might not be able to take one. more. step.  But she endured and continued to put one foot in front of the other.

Today she received final approval to book a flight home with her daughters...her daughters.  By this weekend those three girls will join the three boys at home waiting anxiously for them.  A family will finally be complete.

Shortly after receiving the good news Jenn sent out one last prayer request...
I have one more prayer request. I am sick. I have a bacterial infection, running 104 fever. Feeling really cruddy. Started 3 days of IV antibiotics and will switch over to oral after that. Got an acetaminophen injection so that helped a bit. Just need to be ready to fly out Saturday, mama ain't delaying one more day! 

The finish line is in sight but she is still fighting her way there.  She won't be coasting in...she'll be clawing her way across.  Pulling her ailing body and weary soul down the home stretch.

She will have run this race completely.  She will have left nothing out there.  She will have given it everything she's got and trusted God for the rest.

Along the way there has been pain deeper than a pulled muscle,
opposition that threatened more than defeat,
dangerous conditions that could have brought the whole thing to an end.
But ultimately...there is victory.

I've seen a lot of races in my life but never one that has inspired me more than the one that has just been run by my dear friend.  And..
She wins.
Those girls win.
Their family wins.
The entire community that loves her wins.
The kingdom of God wins...
all because one girl suited up and stepped out onto the course that was set before her and trusted her God to get her to the finish line...

which as it turns out...

is really the starting line...