Thursday, April 3, 2014

first friday finds :: april 2014

{It's #firstfridayfinds time again and here's this month's unedited, 15 minutes worth of truth.  Please share yours at the bottom too!}

I had just finished scarfing down a bagel in my car when I read it.  {Sometimes when the kids aren't around I eat something that is not gluten-free...shhhh...don't tell}

I thought to myself - give him an inch and he takes a mile.
I give him a mustard seed and he moves a mountain.
I offer a quiet breath of a prayer and he writes big bold truths on my heart.
I sit in defiance and self-reliance and his love comes sweeping in to rescue me.

It was just another crazy busy day.  We all have them...despite the fact that I feed myself the lie that I am the CRAZIEST and BUSIEST person EVER.  {How's that for prideful?}

I had 15 minutes between finishing one appointment and the opening of the library {where I needed to swing by and pick up a book}.  I was literally thinking of what other errand or task I could squeeze into the 15 minutes so that I would not waste one. single. moment.
Get my drift?

On this particular day I fought off my achievement-oriented demons,
cruised through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts for a decaf and bagel,
parked under a Bradford Pear tree in the empty library parking lot,
opened the sunroof {straight up one of my most favorite things in the world...a minivan with a sunroof...I am so totally spoiled}
reclined the seat back so that I could look up through the holes in the tree to the blue sky,
wiped the cream cheese from my face,
and {deep breath} relaxed.

With one finger tap on the little Bible App icon I invited Him into that space with me...
and in an instant he reminded me of the importance of that moment,
permanently carving a new truth on my heart.
Give Him an inch...He will take you miles...

I know what I need to survive but I don't always give it the time and attention it deserves.  This is true of the bread for my body and the bread for my soul.  
I thought about Him there outside my minivan door knocking...or maybe climbed up on top tapping on that sunroof.  I thought about me on the other side so busy checking off my to-do list, making calls, checking emails...allowing my life to be so busy and loud that I may never have even heard it...
of His hand.

And yet by His grace I got slow and quiet enough to notice and to open the door.
And that was all I had to do... 
...give Him an inch...just crack that door...
and He enters in...
the living God steps into my presence and sits down over a meal with me.
And I don't even have to go to the trouble of preparing the meal or picking it up at the drive-thru...he comes with plates full of the finest food to satisfy me completely.  Plates full of himself...the bread of life.
And there is no scarfing down of that food...I savor every bite.

That's what sitting down to a meal is all about.


slow your busy hands
quiet your busy mind
open the door of your busy heart.

The maker of the stars wants to dine with you today.