Sunday, April 27, 2014

if a mess surrounds you

One dish.
It was all I had unloaded when I stopped and looked around at the mess.
With both of them tucked in tight it was time to tackle the dinner dishes...and the lunch ones...and even a few still left from breakfast.  The kitchen was overwhelming enough but then I peaked into the school room where paper and stickers and stamps and coloring books and pencils and markers and crayons were strewn all around.  And I didn't even need to walk upstairs to know that the play room couldn't be crossed without stepping on something.  And the laundry...don't even get me started.  Wait...the backyard.  I totally forgot about the blanket and plates and cups and...

Everywhere I turned was a mess and as I put away that one dish I was prepared to tackle it all.
In the two hours I had before my own bedtime I was going to get that mess taken care of...but as I turned back to the dishwasher for the second dish my surroundings transformed.
My eyes no longer saw mess...they saw evidence.

Evidence that I cooked three healthy meals today,
that we used our imaginations to create something,
that the mother of all tea parties had gone down,
that we had stopped long enough to enjoy a picnic under the oak tree.

And so instead of rushing about to erase the mess I am sitting down at the keyboard to highlight it.  With a giant yellow marker in my hand I am drawing a big bright circle around the evidence that this day was not was lived.
And so I will sit here a bit longer...right in the middle of it all and
instead of
instead of complaining...celebrate
instead of beating myself myself up
because these days aren't a series of messes I'd rather forget...
they are the evidence of a life that's worth remembering.

What is your 'mess' evidence of?