Wednesday, May 14, 2014

when life gives you cold coffee...

I had administered Lucy's morning supplements, tonics, vitamins, enzymes, and insulin {this is at least a 10 minute process}.
I had made smoothies and eggs and sausage for little hungry bellies.
I had listened to preschool jokes and laughed not because they were funny but because they weren't and yet managed to crack them up.
I had packed lunches and backpacks.
I had helped negotiate at least three sibling conflicts.
I had even changed out of my pj's {bonus!}.

The kids were happy, dressed, and ready for their ride to arrive...success!  And so I poured my first cup of coffee {fatal mistake}.

Then he pulled it on me again...
as we walked out of the front door towards the minivan parked in our driveway he pulled the duck and run.

I walked back inside and sat the coffee on the counter.  I found him in his hiding place under the nightstand in his bedroom.  I won't bore you with the details of the 10 minutes {that seemed like 10 hours} that followed.  Let's just say that there was some screaming, crying, and gnashing of teeth that all culminated in my friend, Julie, declaring - I've got this - and me shoving gently pushing him inside her car and closing the door that would separate me from the defiant cry of a 4 year old with a will of tungsten {that's the strongest metal BTW...I googled it to make sure I had the most accurate descriptor}.

I walked around the house aimlessly for several minutes until my blood pressure returned to normal and then Julie and I exchanged these texts...
As I began to shift my focus to the work in front of me for the day I noticed it sitting there on the counter...the coffee...not one single sip taken.  I stuck my finger in it...cold.

And then I had an idea.  I pulled an insulated cup from the cabinet filled it with ice, poured the coffee on top and...voila!

Iced coffee!

Sometimes when life gives you cold coffee you just go right ahead and make yourself an iced coffee. On a 90 degree day I think that's really more what I needed anyway.

I'm learning to take these days as they come instead of forcing them into something they could never be.  
In doing that I so often find that I end up getting what I needed instead of what I thought I wanted.  

There is such freedom in loosening our grip on these beautifully unpredictable days...
watching them shape us instead of trying so hard to shape them.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how
forcing the wrong things leads me to become frantic
but focusing on the right things gives me freedom.

Praying we can all walk in the freedom that is ours today...

For freedom Christ has set us free; 
stand firm, therefore,
and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.