Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 ways to reset your heart {and start your weekend off right}

Some mornings my hair dryer won't turn on.
I hit it on the palm of my hand.
Shake it a little bit.
Slide the power button up and down.
And then suddenly remember...duh...
the reset button...
...that little red button on the plug that you never really pay attention to until everything just quits working.
Sometimes life feels like it has just quit working.  No matter how many times you try to shake yourself out of it there is an oppressive feeling that won't let you turn your heart back on.  Some people call it depression or a 'funk'.  I call it a life that needs resetting.

There are all sorts of ways to reset your heart but here are five that helped me this week...

1 :: Identify your escapes.
When life gets messy I instinctively try to avert my gaze and focus on something else.  This can be a good thing but it can also be a very bad form of escape.  This time around I headed for Pinterest, vegging out on the sofa to watch T.V., and 'treating' myself to certain food/drinks of little nutritional value - none of which left me feeling any better in the end.
So...I decided that every time I found myself opening up my laptop or pulling into a drive-thru I would do one of three things instead - pray, read, or go outside.  It helps...a lot.  Try it.

2 :: Check out these Fresh Step ads.
Yesterday our whole family was at the endocrinologist's office for Lucy's monthly appointment.  As we waited, Joey and Oliver were flipping through a magazine and burst into giddy giggles over this.  Behold the funny-ness...

When we got home I printed out all the ads and stuck them up on the wall with scotch tape.  The kids were so inspired they reenacted the scenes themselves so I'm considering permanently framing them.

And I may or may not have looked exactly like them because I was laughing so hard I didn't want know...

3 :: Give thanks.
I always come back to this.  And when I do...grace always comes back to me.

4 :: Slow down and cuddle up.
When life gets messy, I get frantic.  We've already talked about this.  In my franticness I do this crazy thing where I keep punching my finger on the up arrow of the treadmill of life until my feet are flying so fast beneath me that I am at risk of slipping and falling and busting myself up pretty bad at any moment.
Slooooooooowwwwww doooooowwwwnnn...
Get that finger back on the down arrow and slow that sucker down.  Don't worry about what you're missing or what you need to hurry up and fix.  Get off that blasted treadmill and climb in the bed to cuddle up with your husband, your kids, your mom, your teddy bear...whatever.
And catch. your. breath.

5 :: Get 'happy'.
Music can be magic.  Now that you've caught your breath it's time to get back up and get your groove on.  Everybody has a song that just makes them feel good...I have dozens.  This week the kids and I opened up the sunroof, got our hands ready to do some clapping, and then turned this up good and loud...
Your life flows from your's that important.  So if it doesn't seem to be working lately it might be time to hit the reset button.

How do you reset your heart?