Sunday, August 10, 2014

what lies within you when there's a war around you

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. 
{Ralph Waldo Emerson}

She has never known darkness like the kind she is feeling her way hesitantly around in...lost...scared.
Sometimes life comes out of nowhere and knocks the breath right out of you.  Every attempt at filling your lungs is met with the feeling of suffocation.  Have you ever been there?  Watching events unfold that your brain can not process...that your heart can not possibly accept.

My friend is in that place.

I don't begin to understand.
I don't try to interpret her feelings...they belong only to her.
I don't attempt to view the situation from her perspective...she's the only one with the front row seat to this nightmare.

I only have my own feelings and my own perspective and within those I find little to offer at a desperate time like this.
What I would really like to do is walk up softly behind her and grab firmly onto her shoulders and begin leading her backwards...slowly...slowly...allowing her feet to feel their way along.

I would keep walking, keep guiding, until she was far enough away from the dark...high enough above the thickness of grief to sense the thinning of the air offering breath back to her lungs.

I would stop and stand behind her...still holding her up with my hands and just listening to her breathe...listening to that sign of life...waiting for her to hear it too...that she's breathing...still breathing.

And then I would whisper what I see from this distance...away from the middle of the nightmare.
I see a war being waged but I see the promise of victory.
I see something...there...right on the smack-dab middle of the battlefield that is illuminating the darkness.
I see the light growing in strength and the darkness being pushed back further and further until every enemy is defeated...until life and light return.

The source of the light is her.  I see it even now.

The Son of light lives inside of her...took up residence there a long time ago and she has been stoking those flames of the Holy Spirit faithfully for years.  She doesn't have the strength to do much stoking right now but it doesn't matter because this wild wind of change that has just blown in makes the flames grow on their own.
That is the beauty of facing trials as a child of God - they don't extinguish your faith, they feed your faith.

The power that rose Jesus from the grave is living...and breathing...inside of her now.

The severity of this situation has set itself right in front of her.  It's all she can see...but I can see what is behind her eyes, what is within her soul, and it's shedding light on every miserable bit of this situation.  The victory that is coming will bring untold spoils and acquisitions...perhaps a whole new kingdom worth of freedom to herself and her family because she is standing there in the middle of the battlefield as a beacon of light and truth going face-to-face with the enemy.

And she has an army of light-bearers behind her that will not let her back down.

Are you standing with anyone in battle today?
Or maybe you are the one watching some piece of your own kingdom being destroyed.  If so, I'm so very sorry.

In either case, I'm praying that you or someone you love will put a finger on the confident hope that will not disappoint and say - there...that belongs to you.