Friday, October 10, 2014

NEW :: {day 10} for the mamas

A few months ago I had such a deep and unusual pain on the left side of my head that I convinced myself it was a brain tumor.  Just as I was about to schedule a doctor's appointment a colossal zit showed it's head through my eyebrow.  Dodged a bullet.

Lately I've been having this weird thing going on around my left armpit.  Of course one of my Google searches suggested inflammatory breast cancer.  I'm hopeful that maybe it is just an infected hair follicle or something.  Regardless, I have a doctor's appointment today to check things out.  The reason I am telling you all of this is because I'm hoping you will excuse me for taking the easy way out on this post.

Last night I read some words from Lisa Jo Baker that spoke directly about an area of my life in which I desperately need to be made new.  I have a feeling some of you will resonate with her kind and honest words, so I am sending you over to her neck of the woods.  She even had the perfect graphic for me to rip off...thanks Lisa Jo!

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