Monday, October 13, 2014

NEW {day 13} :: the itch

The most important idea in advertising is ‘new’ – it creates an itch and then you put your product on it like calamine lotion.
{Donald Draper, Mad Men}
My 6 year old daughter, Lucy, gets eaten alive by mosquitos.  
It's unbelievable.  
A 10 minute jaunt in the backyard can leave her with a dozen bites up and down her legs.  She comes limping in the back door, bent over, scratching her legs furiously.  Sometimes she scratches so hard she bleeds.  I run her a warm bath with salt and baking soda and she can't get in there fast enough to finally experience relief.  She would do anything to stop the itch.

We will do anything to stop the itch...
for acceptance
for power
for recognition
for  success
for contentment.

Maybe a new designer dress
or a new set of golf clubs
or a new car
or a newly renovated house
or a new address all together
...will be just the remedy we need.

‘NEW’ is in our DNA.  Our desire for it is not problematic, but how we fulfill that desire can be ruinous.

I have tried all kinds of ‘products’ in an attempt to calm the relentless itch for ‘new’ that was buried deep in my heart.  How about you?

The television series Mad Men goes behind the scenes of the advertising industry in New York City in the 1960's.  If you've ever seen it you know that it exposes the foundation of this industry as being built upon the clever manipulation of the consumer's emotions - bordering on deception.

The world is full of ideas for making us new, but just like the advertising industry, these ideas are wrought with manipulation and illusion.  If we're not careful we fall prey to the idea that new really can be bought.  Yes, we were created for new but the truth is far beyond anything we've heard on the radio, seen on tv, or read in a magazine.  And this truth, like all truth, will set us free.

This week we set out as freedom-seekers to discover the truth about new.

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