Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NEW {day 15} :: surgery

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Have you ever clung so tightly to something that it becomes an extension of you?

You may not even realize that letting go is an option.
Then, suddenly, it is taken from you, pried out of your fingers.  You've held it so long that it feels like someone is performing a surgical procedure without anesthesia.  It hurts so terribly bad that you think you might die.

Something worse happens - you don't die, you keep pain.  At first you don't recognize yourself without it.  You feel exposed and vulnerable.  Then, slowly, deliberately the wound heals.  The severed skin grows back soft and new.  You are different, but you are whole.  Over time, you begin to recognize the person in the mirror as the person you were always intended to be.

We are used to hearing the word 'new' alongside the word 'improved' or 'better'.  And new is both of those things, but before things get better, they often get worse.

If we are to be new, there is surgery to be done.
Surgery can bring pain
and a long recovery.
There's one thing that makes the process bearable - trusting the surgeon.

The truth I want to share with you over the next several days centers on a person, a surgeon.
His hands have carefully carved down through my flesh and bone to reach the soft and fragile soul that was lying half-dead inside of me.
He has poured light and life into my darkness like a healing tonic that burns and restores all at once.
His procedure has been revolutionary and defies all science and logic.
His bedside manner has proven both overwhelming and tender, all at the same time.

His name is Jesus.

If this world has chewed you up and spit you out and left you feeling like 'new' is no longer an option, I hope you will let him give you a second opinion.

As we'll see tomorrow, he has generations worth of experience.

And if you're still journaling, try this: What 'thing' that seemed like it was a part of you has been pried out of your hand or surgically removed {or maybe should be}?  Where are you in that process?  In whom have you placed your trust along the way?
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