Thursday, October 16, 2014

NEW {day 16} :: better than better

Our God isn’t in the business of better.  He doesn’t do improved.  He specializes in one thing – new.  
We try so hard to get 'better' when God is standing there waiting to make us 'new'.
Isn't 'new' so much better than...well...better?

Has your car ever been totaled?  

Thankfully, mine has not.  
But a couple of years ago a friend of mine was in an accident.  Her car was taken to an auto repair shop where she learned that she could either pay a bunch of money to have the car fixed up and returned to her in 'better' condition or she could file with her insurance and receive almost enough money to completely cover the purchase of a new car.

She was so excited.  
She chose new.
New is better than better.

In this case my friend received new through replacement.  Something old was replaced with something new.  That's really great but God does something different.  God doesn't replace something in order to give us 'new', he transforms it.  He transforms us.
Fairy godmother style.

You may have a pumpkin sitting around your house right now.  It may be fat and orange and lovely at the moment but if you let it sit out for a few months...
it will rot.  
It is probably beginning the process of rotting even now.

Remember Cinderella?
Remember her pumpkin?  
It was a soon-to-be rotten pumpkin too but the Fairy Godmother did something.  She transformed it.

She took a vegetable and turned it into a vehicle.  
What seemed impossible she made possible with the wave of a wand and the words of a song.  Just a little 'bippity boppity boo' and she defied all logic and took something ordinary and made it extraordinary.  

God doesn’t use a magic wand or a catchy song, the sound of his voice is enough to transform our hearts from a vegetative state into a vehicle, a royal carriage that will transport us into his kingdom and into his heart.  We become royalty.  We become new.

Every day that we 
read God's word, 
treasure God's presence, 
share God's love, 
live out God's truth
He brings change.
He brings new.

Unlike that busted up car that was taken to the junkyard and replaced with another model, we don't get thrown out like trash.  By his divine power, God wraps us in his grace and love and transforms our tattered and torn into shiny and new.  
It's still us.  
We haven't been replaced.
And we haven't just gotten better.  
We've been made new.

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