Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NEW {day 1} :: inside out

Have you ever inadvertently trapped a cat in your car?
Saturday afternoon I pulled down a gravel drive in my husband's perfectly detailed car.  He says it's the only piece of his life remaining that he can keep clean and organized.  Everything else he shares with me and well...

Anyway, I tried to drive slowly so as not to get too much dirt on the shiny black exterior.  I told my friend, Lindsay, to be really careful when she opened the door not to ding the car next to her.  We were packed like sardines on the grassy lawn outside of the barn where our writing event would take place. And
for. the. love.
make sure you throw away any trash you may have {including that microscopic piece of paper off of your straw wrapper}.

As we unloaded our bags we were distracted by this cute little black kitten.
We doted on it for a minute and then I was distracted by the laughter and conversation coming from the barn.  We gathered our things and headed towards the crowd.
Fast forward a few hours.

We are feeling refreshed and inspired and exhausted and all-in-all satisfied with our time with other writers.  It's dark and as we approach the car I hit the unlock button on the remote and the interior car light comes on.
Lindsay gasps!
I immediately look at the ground and start hopping up and down because I'm afraid she's seen something that could dash under the car and towards me at any moment.   Then I see it.  It's not something that might dash under the car but something that dashes INSIDE of the car!!
The cat!!
It has been trapped inside there for hours!!
A whole jumble of surprise, relief, humor, and fear about the potential damage that may have been done to the world's most immaculate car runs through me...and then I just let the laughter win.

We open the door, remove the poor cat, return it to it's damage done.

But the whole 'cat in the car' incident got me thinking.
Just as our cars have interiors, so do our lives.
Sometimes all that is happening on the outside distracts us from what's going wrong on the inside.
We can show others our shiny and clean exteriors but that doesn't necessarily reflect what you would find if you opened the door.
And I'm not just talking about our cars...I'm talking about our hearts...our souls.

If you've been feeling unsettled, discontent, empty;
if nothing in this world seems to provide lasting joy and satisfaction;
if you don't have anything that is really worth getting out of bed for in the morning;
if you think you're stuck;
if life is just the 'same old, same old'

And the kind of new I'm talking about can't be found at the mall or a car dealership or a travel agency or a cosmetic surgery clinic.

Yes, this world offers us all kinds of temporary 'new', but I'm hoping we'll discover something different on this journey.
Something lasting.
The kind of new we're after can't be bought in the store because it has already been purchased
as a gift
just for you.

And it's time we unwrapped it and took a good look.

So I'm officially linking up with The Nester {who coincidentally is the owner of the aforementioned cat} and committing to 31 days of NEW with you.  Let's turn the interior lights on and do this thing together.
Here we go...

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