Saturday, October 18, 2014

NEW {days 17 &18} :: the movie scene that started it all

Ten years ago in a movie theater in Scottsdale, my hardened heart broke wide open as I wept tears born of gratitude.
And so this 'new' journey began.

I have hesitated to share this with you.  
It's just a movie. 
But the story is true 
and the man is real 
and what he did is a historical fact.

This scene burned itself in my memory in an instant.
When Jesus spoke these words to his mother I could almost feel him holding my weary, shame-filled face in his hands and speaking straight to my soul. If some part of your life seems beyond repair I hope this promise will convince you otherwise. 
I know it to be true...
all things new.
{warning: this scene contains graphic content}
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