Wednesday, November 5, 2014

an invitation to breathe

Have you ever given a gift that was half wrapped, or maybe not wrapped at all?
Maybe you ran out of wrapping paper and the gift was too big to fit in all those reused bags stashed in your closet.
Have you ever just hidden something behind your back, had the other person close their eyes and then shout - surprise! - as you pass it straight from your hands to theirs?

When I speak or write I like to think I have a gift to offer people.  I spend time tying the words up like a bow around my offering.  I want them to be neatly packaged and beautifully presented.  I want the gift to reflect a certain sentiment.  A sentiment that says - you are important to me and I wanted you to have this.

Sunday night I delivered a half wrapped gift to a room full of some of the most influential women in my life.  I just pulled it out from behind my back and held it in my hands for all to see.
   Here - I want to share this with you.

It was very difficult.
It was somewhat uncomfortable.
And it surprised me how complete I felt after offering something so...well...incomplete.

Sometimes you realize that your gift is incomplete because the recipient has something to add to its completion.

Over the past month I have been walking more slowly than I am accustomed to, more intentionally.  It is dark up ahead and I don't know where I'm going.  I can, however, sense that I am headed in the right direction.  With each step I find something new hidden under rocks and behind trees.  I am like a child collecting treasures that seem to have been placed along my path just waiting for me to discover them and piece them together into something that matters.

I am combining my pieces together with the pieces my singer/songwriter friend, Emily, is also gathering.  We watch astonished as the curves and corners continue to fit perfectly.  What has begun to form is something we are calling
     The Breathing Room

The bigger it grows the harder it is for our two small sets of hands to carry, so we welcome more hands.  We asked 35 women on Sunday night if they would like to slip their fingers up under a part of this thing and help us carry it forward.  We're asking you if you'd like to come along for the journey as well.

You'll need to be brave and patient to join us because we still don't know exactly where we are headed, but we believe the light will continue to grow on the horizon and the ultimate destination will be well worth the time we spend traveling.

And so we take a deep breath,
exhaling all
desire for control,

and inhaling
and courage.

Everybody needs a little room to breathe in this world that can leave you gasping for air.

We all sense it at some time or another - that feeling of suffocation.  That heaviness in the world bearing down hard on our chests, restricting our breath.

We want to provide a space for you to breathe again.

We are inviting women {for the time being...but we haven't forgotten you men} to join us face-to-face in January.

I have a passion for teaching about truth and grace.
Emily has a passion for writing songs about those same things.
Our words, both spoken and sung, will fill the beautiful space we are providing for you.
But, don't worry...they won't take up too much space because we want to be sure to leave enough room for you to really find the rhythm of your breath again.

Each week of November {and maybe December} I will share a different element of The Breathing Room with you.  I hope you'll come back next Thursday to hear more.  And then, on December 1, a limited number of tickets to The Breathing Room will go on sale.

Until then, we invite you to
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You. Are. Invited.