Thursday, December 18, 2014

the breathing room :: the music

Today's words are not my own.  They belong to my dear friend and Breathing Room partner, Emily.  You're gonna love her as much as I do...

All my life I've been drawn in by the music.
When I was a child, it came naturally and all I wanted to do was sing John Denver songs in the kitchen while my dad played the guitar.
As a teenager, music was my escape.
As a college student, it became a part of me.

I started out as an artist with big dreams of fame and fortune.
Five years ago when I began playing music full-time my new dream was to pay my bills without a second job.  When people would ask me what my 'Plan B' was if I didn't 'make it' I would respond - I HAVE made it!  I paid all my bills this month and even have a little left over!'

In my career as a singer and songwriter, slowly but surely, I have learned to trust God in a way that I never did before.  I became truly dependent on Him for the first time in my life, and that changed me.  I've learned how to find my breathing room amidst fear and anxiety.
I've learned how to trust without clarity.
I've learned how to find peace even in the unknown.

These are just a few of the big dots in my connect-the-dots story.

Maybe you've experienced the power of music in your story too.
A melody that makes you sing when all you wanna do is cry.
A beat that makes you move when you feel paralyzed by life.
A lyric that says it all when you couldn't find the words.
When Elizabeth and I began talking about our vision for The Breathing Room I kept going back to one word - REFRESH.

Do you remember how good a cold bottle of water tastes in the 95 degree heat of July?
Or the bliss you felt in that eye-watering laugh with your best friends reminiscing about embarrassing moments?
Or that feeling of calm as you embraced a loved one you were reunited with?
Or the freedom of letting yourself be vulnerable enough to say something you've been holding in for too long?
Or maybe you haven't yet...

At {The Breathing Room :: Charlotte} my hope is that you and I will feel refreshed deep down in our spirits and leave with our souls singing a new song.

On January 25 you will hear some songs that are familiar to you, but you will also hear me sing songs that are original.
Songs about my own life experiences that may reflect some of your life experiences too.
Songs that break you apart and then build you back up again.
Songs that could become an anthem of hope and joy.
Songs that give you room to breathe.

As you reflect on Truth and the words Elizabeth will share, I hope we can
breathe in grace and breathe out praise...together.
~ Emily

If you want to hear Emily's sweet voice before January 25 
you can take a listen HERE
It's a little something she wrote with American Idol finalist Janelle Arthur.