Saturday, January 17, 2015

lay your ladders down

With every rung we're feeling more and more
     wrung out.

Always climbing.
Always moving.
Always trying to get somewhere higher than somebody else.

It's crowded on these ladders.
There is no room to stretch, no room to breathe.
We step on toes and pass people by and watch others getting further faster.
Some fall off and get hurt and we're too busy to grab their hand, to lift them up.

We are headed for the top.
When we get there we will stop
and rest
and take a deep breath
and a good look around.

But the days pass by
and that ladder knows no end,
just like our wandering heart,
looking for it's worth in the clouds
that disappear just as we reach them.

There's nothing to hold onto on a ladder except the next rung
and it's always the same cold truth we grab -
that the view may keep changing but we're too distracted by the climbing to notice.

So lay your ladder down
and keep your feet on the ground.
You'll find you rise higher if you just sing a song.
A song of grace, a quiet walk towards truth
will get you further than that place you're climbing to...

If you're anything like me, maybe you're tired of climbing.  Come join us for some rest and refreshment - some quiet steps towards truth - next weekend at The Breathing Room.  Tomorrow is the last day to purchase tickets!

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