Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a tuesday morning pep talk for you {and me}

You were created.
You didn't just 'happen'.
Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your birth, you were thoughtfully made before you ever took your first breath.

You possess a unique

That sneaking, lying, no-good voice will try to tell you
There are already plenty of people doing 'that thing'.
Lots of people do 'that thing' better than you ever could.
You don't have enough time or enough talent to do 'that thing'.
You've missed your chance.
You're too old, too young, too busy...

But there is a voice of truth that has been drowned out by the lies for too long.  Can you hear it?
Listen closely.
It tells you 'that thing' is 'your thing'.
There are contributions to this world that will not be made if you don't make them.
There are things that need to be said, done, created, offered in only the way you can say, do, create, and offer them.

What if today wasn't just another day.  What if today was the day we cleared our minds of the lies and got quiet enough to hear the sweet Spirit of truth calling us to
     stand up and stand out.

Maybe together we could
close our eyes
spread our arms
tilt our faces toward the sky
palms open wide
hearts open wider
falling into the person you were created to be,
the person you are being created to be.

There is work to be done
light to be grown
love to be shared
grace to be offered
truth to be told
art to be inspired.

You are needed.
You are necessary.

So let's not waste another moment paralyzed by the lies.  Let's grab a hand, take a step, and lead hearts to a better place.

There is someone for whom you might be the perfect traveling companion on this journey.
Go get them with
your words
your art
your service
your kindness.
No more of this running out ahead of everyone or pushing them from behind.  Wouldn't we all rather have someone to just walk by our side and point out the breathtaking views all around?

Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Now let's get up and go somewhere new together.  We've been stuck in this old place too long.