Monday, April 20, 2015

because i missed you

Writing can be like a dream.  The images and emotions flow seamlessly together to create an experience you can’t wait to wake up and tell someone about.  

Other times you get twisted up in the sheets and instead of waking up with a story to tell you wake up frustrated and tangled and fighting to break free.  By then you've completely forgotten what happened.  You’ve got nothing to share.  

That’s what writing has become for me.  
There are times of flow and times of fight and somehow I can’t get enough of either one.  It's what keeps me moving and growing and processing and discovering...

I've missed you.  
I'm not just saying that.  
I think of you all the time - my dear friends who take time for these wandering words of mine.

You haven't heard from me lately because I've been wrestling with the words {and other things}.  I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you.  

I also wanted you to know that I am working on something.  Something that feels so sacred it is difficult for me to even reference it.  But I wanted you to know.  It's for you.  I will tell you more when the time is right.  

Until then...
whatever you might be wrestling with right now - I hope it's worth the fight.  
If it's not, let it go and pick up something else that is.
If it is, stay at it.  You'll get your flow back soon.
Last week I was so worn out that I didn't have any more fight in me - so I built a giant fort in my dining room and climbed inside with my kids.  It helped.  

So if all else fails - build a fort.