Thursday, December 3, 2015

when the worst thing happens it's never all bad

When your eyes are blurry with tears of grief it's hard to see anything good in front of you, 
but just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.

Lucy's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes - a chronic illness that would kill her if untreated - devastated us.  Have you ever been devastated?  Have you ever cried yourself down a river of despair into a foreign land of fear?  If so, you'll be in good company in Type ONEderland.  

This week I published a new ebook that offers up hope in the hard places.  It is the story of our journey with Type 1 Diabetes but the words are meant for anyone whose life has taken a turn for the worst.  
It is the true story of our family's 
struggle met with strength
and grief met with goodness.
It is a story that proves
Sometimes our fingers must be pried off the dream of a good life 
so that our hands can be open to receive a better one.
Bring your suffering and disappointment and step with us into Type ONEderland where you will find hope and healing for your own hard places.  And as a bonus - proceeds from the book will go towards finding a cure for Type 1 through JDRF!
And if you're interested in more Type ONEderland fun over the next couple of months - join us!