Tuesday, May 9, 2017

a spacious place

I always loved the idea of meditation.  I was just too busy to actually try it.

How ridiculous.  It was in my busiest moments that I needed the slow, still awareness most.

I have finally matured enough to realize the world will not stop spinning if I do.
I have finally released pride and control enough to regularly step away from my doing and into my being.

I wish someone had told me years ago about the big, wide world waiting there.  If you think you are 'missing out' by carving time out of your day to sit and breathe and listen, let me kindly correct you.  There is nothing more important than going underground - under skin and bone and years worth of masks - to find the tender, fragile soul crafted in a divine image.  It will take your breath away...and then give it right back - deeper and fuller.

Every day I press through the arguments and excuses in my head and get to the deep place, because every day the enemy is waiting to steal my awareness of the sacred.  He brushes past disguised as common sense, practicality, deductive reasoning - slipping notes into my pockets.  Not love notes. Fear notes.

Second guessing
Prideful problem-solving

But I've learned his ways.  The awareness has taught me well.  I recognize the handwriting.  He may set my heart racing and my mind reeling temporarily but I know to run - hard and fast - back to the quiet space where I can hear the Truth Teller.

Lay it all down.  See it in his light.
Lay myself down.  Feel the light.  The lightness.  The freedom.

I push away what should have been or could have been and look only at what IS.  Right here, right now.

Prayer must lead us beyond mind, words, and ideas 
to a more spacious place where God has a chance to get in.

How many times have I let my mind, words, and ideas crowd the space inside of me?  No room for truth.  No room for love and grace and the perfect peace found in releasing the full knowing to Him.

Don't run from the spacious place, friends.  Release your grip, lay your open palms on your lap, close your eyes, breath deep, deeper, deeper still until you find yourself there...home.  Really.  Go do that.  Everything else can wait.

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