first friday finds

Friends ~

This year I have quietly started a new tradition called 'First Friday Finds'.  
Would you step softly into this challenge with me?

It's easy...
~ The Thursday before the first Friday of every month I will have a link-up ready to go on my blog.
~ On the first Friday {or even Saturday or Sunday because I will keep the link up} write a post on your blog that follows the very 'loose' guidelines for a 'first Friday find'.
~ Once you have written and published your post head over to my blog and insert the link to your specific blog post {by cutting and pasting it from your address bar} into the link-up I provide for you.

That's all!  Then you can enjoy exploring the other links provided by other bloggers!

The goal of 'first friday finds' is simply to open the word of God and let it speak to us.  Here are the 'loose' guidelines because guidelines make me feel safe and happy and help me focus... 

1 :: Open your Bible {or turn it on}.  

2 :: Find ONE verse.  You can randomly choose.  You can search for a keyword.  You can flip to a particular chapter.  You can go back to something you ran across earlier in the month.  However you do it, just take a breath, allow yourself to be guided to that spot and then see what you find.  This isn't the time to go back to an old's time to discover something new.

3 :: Read your verse.  Read it again.  And again.  Look at it in various translations.  As you read, don't  be too focused on how you can say something profound about the verse but instead allow the verse to say something profound to you.  Even if it's slow going at first...give it some time.

4 :: 15 minutes flat.  That's how much time I want you to take to write your response.  After you've taken a little time to let the words settle into your spirit let us know what you hear...what you've found.  If you don't hear much it will be a short post and that's ok.  I want you to set a time limit because if you feel the need to do more you may not do it at all and that would be a shame.  I'm also setting a limit because I want to read all of your responses and if you write a dissertation I will never get through them all.  

5 :: Link up {by clicking the little blue button on my post}.  

Praying that in each moment you sow into the grace words of God, the harvest of your life will be plentiful...let's see what we can find together...

With love, Elizabeth

PS: One more thing...if you promote your blog post on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else use the hashtag #firstfridayfinds so that we can all find each other easily!  It will be our own little community of 'first friday friends'  

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